About Pinedemonium

 Toby Sherwood

     Pinedemoniumium was established by Toby Sherwood in the late seventies in Emsworth, Hampshire.
In 2009 he decided that life would be far sweeter if it were spent on a boat in the Med. I had been supplying Toby with furniture for the shop and doing commissions, so when he headed for sunnier climes I was left staring at an uncertain future...

     Expanding the old Pinedemonium website, to include a mix of furniture made in my workshop and furniture from the web, now enables the casual browser to sample some fine examples of country style furniture.
Please note all furniture shown on this site is made to order. I have no stock.

     I've been lucky to have had the company of some creative and industrious guys. I thank them for their contibution over the years.
Richard Bicknell       Tracey Mulholland     David Cooley          Lee Matthews      Ricky Sylvester