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Very nice !


I'll make it - you paint it ?

    painted by Nicola

The top is untreated, to be scrubtop                                                                                                                                                 For painting we used a knotting solution followed by an acrylic primer undercoat (Albany Paint Company) and topcoat of intelligent eggshell water based paint (Little Greene Paint Company), French Grey. We put on 2 or 3 thin coats of undercoat followed by sanding and a couple of top coats, we used a roller where possible for the final coat.


Why don't I paint it ?

I can but I may not find the paint you specify without a lot of searching around etc
You'll save by doing the painting yourself. Anyway, i
t's fun, relaxing and may lead to an artistic career.

My painting prices:

For unwaxed ('in the white') furniture deduct 10% from the price shown.                             For white painted furniture add 20% to the price shown plus £20 for the paint  For any other colour add 20%. plus the price of your 750ml tin of paint. You keep what's left.

Farrow and Ball's prices are about £25 for a 750ml tin of paint plus £5 delivery


My local paint supplier is Coomers. They stock Leyland and Dulux paint. Check out  their colour ranges at:



Please be aware that not all paints are available as 750ml tins

Farrow and Ball:

Farrow and Ball's prices are about £25 for a 750ml tin of 'estate eggshell' paint plus £5 delivery


1   With 2 coats of white emulsion paint and a final coat of clear wax I can get a nice ivory finish. This finish is best for a shabby chic, lightly distressed (some paint rubbed away) look.



Instead of white try pale grey or pale grey /blue

2  I apply 3 coats of paint (any colour) and don't distress


To find out how to get a super smooth finish see below

3 For a 'see-the-wood-through-the-paint' finish I apply 2 coats of watered down satin


I'm often asked to paint things off-white. What shade of white is that I ask myself.

Is it this below?

  Farrow and Ball's  Off-white !

for more painted stuff  see 'Shabby Chic'


for painted furniture I can:

1   rub away some of the paint in areas that are likely to receive wear and tear. No charge


2   use my famous crackle technique on selected areas. See samples below. Add 5%

click on pics for more detail

1  2

 How to get the 'crackle' effect

1   Apply a coat of undercoat the same colour as the top coat. However, if you want to highlight the crackle crevices then make your base coat a different colour to your top coat. This 1st coat, then, if different to the top coat,  will show in the crevices of your crackles.

2   Apply a thin layer of PVA  glue to the area you wish to crackle. Give this layer of glue 5 mins to  skin over. This prevents the next (top) coat from mixing with the glue

3   Carefully apply the top coat. I use a brush for all the paint applications.

  Note 1: The top coat needs to be either an acrylic paint or a vinyl emulsion. This process won't work with oil based paint

 Note 2:  A thin top coat layer produces fine cracks (see below, pic 2 top) ) whereas a thick layer produces larger cracks (below, pic 2 bottom ) All Pictures below

4   Allow the paint to dry or speed up the process with a heat gun


1  with an acrylic top coat                                                    2   with a vinyl emulsion top coat


Lacquer finish

A lacquer finish requires 4 applications: stain, sealer, colour and final lacquer. Recommended for table tops, high contact areas and areas likely to come into contact with water.Add 10%



All the prices shown include polishing
For more info on polishing see the  'Bespoke'  page

Smooth paint finish

Want a 'sprayed on look'  finish ?

Use a foam brush!

buy from ebay:

Pine Stain Repair

Home made pine stain

The central heating may shrink door panels (the panels inside the door frame)

This will show up as a pale line near the door frame edge. The pale line is unstained wood that has appeared from under the frame. It's easy to restain this pale line.

Srcape off any polish that clings to the edge of the unstained area and prepare a little stain by using half a cup of boiling water and a tea bag. Prod/squeeze the tea bag to extract the max of colour. If you're not happy with the colour try adding a little coffee (!)

Apply with a brush and allow to dry. Carefully apply a little brown shoe polish.

Pine stain to buy from me

I have pine stain for sale in light, medium and medium dark tones. You will need to collect the stain from my workshop. £10 for 1L . Bring a 1L container.

If you want to make your own stain I can let you have the formula and the names of the companies that can supply the ingredients.

If you're new to making pine furniture, the formula will save you a fortune

The formula costs  £15

Just use PayPal to make the payment and I will email you the formula.