Please contact me by phone or email to discuss your requirements.




Either pay in full or pay a 50% deposit


You have the following choices:

1  send a cheque to Harold Kemp, 21 Havant Road, Horndean, Waterlooville, Hants PO8 0DB

2  pay via PayPal:  pay

3  do a bank transfer to H H KEMP BUSINESS A/C be given


* PayPal. To use PayPal you need to set up an account with them. To transfer money you simply send the money to the payee's email account.

My email account is:

If there's a dispute, PayPal will become involved and help to settle the dispute and if needs be, reverse the transaction. Please be sure to read the Terms below

When pricing up, please take into account the delivery charge.

Please let me know when you have made your payment.


Items shipped with TNT and Parcel Force (see below) need to be wrapped in bubblewrap as these couriers don't provide any blankets.

I have had at least two occasions where large or fragile items have been damaged at re-distribution depots

Please add £15 per item


If you live in Hampshire I may deliver the furniture myself for a negotiated fee. Otherwise it will be by courier. 

Please contact the following couriers to check out the del cost:

Ross Jacobs  07971 230454   email:

Silversprint    01420 587451    website: silversprint

The Leap Group 01494 261152 email:

Courier Intl   (based in London) 0777 835 2617

TNT will pickup and deliver non awkward items (such as cupboards) alongside their day to day parcel delivery. Quick to act and very efficient.   0800 100 600  is a delivery auction website where couriers submit a quote. If you're patient the price comes down to something affordable. Useful! Some contacts below:

A 2 B removals  07887 240301

Right on Time  Marius Juska  tel 01803 472081   mob 07885 899320

iac delivery solutions:   Based in kent  01795 475222

Parcel Force have an Express 48 service. They will collect and deliver items for £20/30 This is for items that weigh up to 10kg and whose dimensions when added together don't exceed 300cm. To work out whether you're close to the 300cm use the formula;

      height (call that your longest dimension) + (2 x width) + (2 x depth)

eg                        100cm h  + (2 x 50cm w) + (2 x 20cm d) =   240cm

Delivery of items over 10 kg (up to 20kg)  jumps up to £30                    

You are welcome to organise the delivery from your end or to use a courier from your area. For Parcel Force phone 08448 00 44 66 to arrange a pick up. They will want ot know the dimensions and the weight. I can let you know these

Either add the delivery and packing cost, once established, to the item price or pay 'cash on delivery'

The pick up address is:   Unit 3, Newlands Farm, Lynchborough Road, Passfield,  Liphook, Hants, GU30 7SA,  tel 01428 751157

Details of the delivery time will be given when an ordered item is nearing completion.

Please be aware that delivery charges reflect the size of the consignment and the distance. The cost of moving bulky items to distant destinations isn't cheap so please be prepared to smart a bit when the delivery price is given! Destinations in the Scottish Highlands and remote Welsh areas can double the cost.


Furniture made from reclaimed pine show some signs of their age- nail holes, possibly some filled-in woodworm holes and small cracks, some of which may have been re-glued! It's these and other marks, not to mention the colour of antique pine, which give old pine beds their character. 

Being aware of these characteristics of furniture made from reclaimed pine will avoid disappointment. However, please be assured that these imperfections are slight and will not detract from the overall visual aspect of the piece.