Pine Stain Repair

Home made pine stain

The central heating may shrink door panels (the panels inside the door frame)

This will show up as a pale line near the door frame edge. The pale line is unstained wood that has appeared from under the frame. It's easy to restain this pale line.

Srcape off any polish that clings to the edge of the unstained area and prepare a little stain by using half a cup of boiling water and a tea bag. Prod/squeeze the tea bag to extract the max of colour. If you're not happy with the colour try adding a little coffee (!)

Apply with a brush and allow to dry. Carefully apply a little brown shoe polish.

Pine stain to buy from me

I have pine stain for sale in light, medium and medium dark tones. You will need to collect the stain from my workshop. £10 for 1L

If you want to make your own stain I can let you have the formula and the names of the companies that can supply the ingredients.

If you're new to making pine furniture, the formula will save you a fortune

The formula costs  £15

Just use PayPal to make the payment and I will email you the formula.