Bespoke Service


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Bespoke service?                                                                                                                  Nice old fashioned term. A bit Savile Row, a bit snooty perhaps? Do people still use that term or is it just the preserve of old fashioned crafts people?  Well, I also offer a made-to-measure, made-to-order, made to commission service, but as I'm an old codger, I'm sticking with 'bespoke'.

Below is a fuller description of the 'bespoke' service outlined on the home page.


Furniture that's individually made from antique pine:

I only use reclaimed pine. It's a warmer colour than new pine and more stable. The wood has some natural and man-made flaws which add to the character of the finished piece. Polished wood has a warm, comfortable feel.

Hand waxed to a colour of your choice: 


A combination of stain and wax polish enables me to give you a choice of 3 natural pine colour tones: light, medium and medium dark. In-between colour tones are possible but are more tricky to achieve and therefore not happily given as an option. I would try, however, to match a sample provided by you. 

Made to any size to fit any space:

Difficult spaces are box rooms and loft spaces where the ceiling is angled.

Delivered or pick-up and help with assembly:

If I'm not too busy, I can deliver furniture to anywhere in Hampshire and West Sussex for £30. If I deliver.

Also, a furniture repair/repolish/varnish/paint service:

I'm happy to repair or repolish furniture in Hampshire and W. Sussex. I may be able to do this on site, otherwise the bed will have to be taken to my workshop, worked on, and returned (Pick up and deliver £60)


For unwaxed ('in the white') furniture deduct 10% from the price shown.                             For white painted items add 20% to the price shown.  For any other colour add 20% plus the cost of a 750ml tin of paint.

 See 'Paint / lacquer / polish'  for more on painting and distressing


Any other questions? 

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