Pricing- a rough guide


Where there is a lack of info about pricing different sizes of any item shown, please use the formula below to give a rough guide:

To price up a bigger / smaller item add / deduct  5% for every 2'' (50mmm) in width or height, to / from the given price.

Plywood backs: if you require a plywood back (stained and polished) for your rack (where non is shown) add 5% to the cost of your rack.

For a solid wood back add 10%

made from pine boards, tongue and grooved

Drawers are £35 each for a small drawer eg in a shoe rack.

More for bigger drawers eg chest of drawers about £65

Sealed with lacquer add 5%

for areas exposed to wear and tear

Shabby chic treatment  add 5%

involves rubbing down areas where wear is likely, restaining the rubbed areas and finishing with clear wax

For unwaxed ('in the white')

furniture deduct 10% from the price shown

For white painted furniture

add 20% to the price shown

For any other colour

add 20%. plus the price and postage to me of your 750ml tin of paint (about £25 inc delvery to me)     You keep what's left.